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Welcome! My name is Bridge, I'm a therapist and writer

I was named Bridget after the Gaelic term Bríd (meaning Strength) and the Irish Saint Brigid (connected to poetry, healing, care for people and Imbolc - new life and growth). With the nickname Bridge, the qualities represented in my name highlight what I aim to bring to my work and life: care, creativity, tapping into strengths, and connections that facilitate growth, self-compassion and ease.


Located in the Greater Boston area, I offer therapeutic services through a social justice, LGBTQ+ affirming and Health at Every Size lens

While my weekly therapy practice is full, I offer in-person in Cambridge MA or on Zoom:

"there is such urgency in the multitude of crises we face, it can make it hard to remember that in fact it is urgency thinking (urgent constant unsustainable growth) that got us to this point, and that our potential success lies in doing deep, slow, intentional work"

adrienne maree brown

Let's Connect

I would love to hear from you!

I am a therapist licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut and am based in what is now known as Cambridge, MA. I honor this land which is the ancestral, stolen unceded land of indigenous people, the Massachusett, Pawtucket, Nipmuck, and Wampanoag

Thank you for submitting! I look forward to connecting

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