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IFS Supervision

Supervision is an opportunity to increase your knowledge and skill in Internal Family Systems and receive support for your work as a therapist. 


Supervision counts towards hours for certification as an IFS therapist


Supervision is...

Conducted virtually, via zoom and typically offered to therapists and practitioners with Level 1+ training in IFS​; Please note, I do not provide oversight to limited permit holders and those who may be seeking hours for licensure at this time


Format includes: Case discussion, sharing resources for further learning, teaching and demonstrating concepts, and support with therapists’ parts work​

$195/hour for individual supervision

$100/hour for group supervision (currently accepting waitlist for those interested in group supervision)

certified consultant ifs


"I recently had the opportunity to work with Bridge as a consultant.  My parts felt open and welcomed in her presence.  Bridge is thoughtful, caring and well informed.  Her work with me made a huge difference in the way I now work with my client.  We are making significant progress where before it was much less clear.  In addition, Bridge offered professional resources for my specific situation.  I highly recommend Bridge! "

- IFS practitioner

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