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Local (Greater Boston) Resources

Acupuncture: Waterlily Wellness, Kathia Wu in Medford, MA 

Acupuncture: Flying Turtle Healing Arts, Fannie Koa in Somerville, MA 

24/7 Crisis Support*: Advocates

Counseling Practice: Strong Roots Counseling, therapy for children, adolescents and adults in West Newton, MA

Counseling Practice: The Leggett Group, behavioral health services in Framingham and Roslindale, MA 

*Anyone in the state of Massachusetts can pick up a phone and dial 2-1-1 to get assistance with a variety of basic needs by offering their zip code and need/concern. The resource line is staffed by workers who can offer languages beyond English and make local, relevant referrals.

General Resources


Reduced-cost Therapy Service Directory: Open Path Collective 

Therapy Directory: Therapy Den

Resources for Couples: Esther Perel's Resources to help educate and heal / podcast "Where Should We Begin"

Resources for Couples: The Gottman Institute

Sex Therapy Directory: aasect 

LGBTQ Therapist Network and Directory: National queer and trans therapists of color network 

Anti-Diet Providers: HAES/Health at Every Size/ Intuitive Eating Providers on Christy Harrison's website

Black women and girls: The Loveland Foundation has a Therapy Fund you can apply to for therapy funding support if you identify as a Black femme

Thought Leaders, Writing Content:

Anti-Racism Daily Newsletter

Nap Ministry Blog: Rest as Resistance

Communication Resources: Oren Jay Sofer's website and book "Say What You Mean"

Creativity Inspiration: Julia Cameron, The Artists Way

Mindfulness Content For Children: 

Mindfulness app: wellemental, kids yoga and mindfulness app for anxiety stress and sleep

Movement and Mindfulness Videos: Go Noodle

Mindfulness Classes: Mindful Schools

Resources: List
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