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Local (Greater Boston) Resources

Acupuncture: Waterlily Wellness, Kathia Wu in Medford, MA 

Acupuncture: Flying Turtle Healing Arts, Fannie Koa in Somerville, MA 

24/7 Crisis Support*: Advocates

Counseling Practice: Strong Roots Counseling, therapy for children, adolescents and adults in West Newton, MA

Counseling Practice: The Leggett Group, behavioral health services in Framingham and Roslindale, MA 

*Anyone in the state of Massachusetts can pick up a phone and dial 2-1-1 to get assistance with a variety of basic needs by offering their zip code and need/concern. The resource line is staffed by workers who can offer languages beyond English and make local, relevant referrals.

General Resources


Reduced-cost Therapy Service Directory: Open Path Collective 

Therapy Directory: Therapy Den

Resources for Couples: Esther Perel's Resources to help educate and heal / podcast "Where Should We Begin"

Resources for Couples: The Gottman Institute

Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFS couples approach) therapist directory

Sex Therapy Directory: aasect 

LGBTQ Therapist Network and Directory: National queer and trans therapists of color network 

Anti-Diet Providers: HAES/Health at Every Size/ Intuitive Eating Providers on Christy Harrison's website

Black women and girls: The Loveland Foundation has a Therapy Fund you can apply to for therapy funding support if you identify as a Black femme

Thought Leaders, Writing Content:

Anti-Racism Daily Newsletter

Nap Ministry Blog: Rest as Resistance

Creativity Inspiration: Julia Cameron, The Artists Way

Liberation work: Lama Rod Owens

Non-violent communication framework:

Judy Hu offered a variety of resources on her Psychological Boundary Framework work and boundary coaching groups for BIPOC which integrates non-violent communication skills. Judy's YouTube channel (aptly named what would Judy Hu do) offers videos, such as implementing and guidelines for nonviolent communication

Meenadchi's booklet called Decolonizing Nonviolent Communication

Meditations and some guides to the Non-Violent Communication framework from Oren Jay Sofer

Mindfulness Content For Children: 

Mindfulness app: wellemental, kids yoga and mindfulness app for anxiety stress and sleep

Movement and Mindfulness Videos: Go Noodle

Mindfulness Classes: Mindful Schools

Resources: List
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