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Therapy Intensive

Accelerated form of therapy that offers more time and spaciousness

Hour long sessions can create a feeling of crunch for time and limited space for therapeutic processing.

I began offering intensives after hearing the need for more spacious therapy sessions, seeing the shift for clients with longer sessions, and attending/assisting with trainings where  90 minutes - 2 hours were allotted for sessions.


Experience relief through therapy with the focus and time of an intensive: supportive for processing grief, a specific negative core belief, behavior that is impacting your life, or challenge relationally you want support around

An intensive is for you if...

IFS EMDR Therapy have space for short-term meaningful therapeutic work; you desire dedicated time for therapy, and hourly weekly sessions don't feel spacious enough or adequate

IFS EMDR Therapy

...there is a specific topic you would like to focus on in therapy (such as  before an event, move, or life change) or there is a chronic challenge you are looking for support with

IFS EMDR Therapy issue or trauma arose and it's been recommended to get more focused support (which could include your current therapist has recommended further trauma-informed treatment)


What is an intensive?

An intensive is therapy that provides a dedicated block of time to focus on processing and healing. Rather than space therapy out with one hour weekly sessions, intensives allow for a specific piece of therapeutic work and processing to happen in a concentrated amount of time. I offer intensives with a pre and post-session. The recommended starting intensive commitment includes 9 contact hours. Intensives can allow you to review relational and developmental history to help understand your early attachments and ‘arrange the furniture’ when reflecting on your impactful early life experiences, to find a more compassionate, connected relationship with your internal world and connect to your Self through Internal Family Systems (IFS), or to target a specific, focused behavior, challenging belief or distressing experience with Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

What approach do you use for the intensive?

I specialize in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, which explores different aspects of oneself. As fitting, I incorporate the Healing Our Core Issues model to address developmental and relational trauma and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for targeted trauma treatment. During the initial consultation, we collaborate to determine the best approach and process for the therapy intensive, ensuring a tailored and effective experience for each client.

Why therapy intensives?

Are you frustrated with weekly therapy feeling like you’re 'starting over' each week? Are you wanting more substantive relief? Busy schedule? Past issues to work through that are feeling stuck? Preparing for a big life event? Longer sessions provide a solution to these challenges. Insurance limits sessions to 1 hour, often disrupted by breaks and life week-to-week. From my experience and witnessing the effectiveness of longer sessions, investing in extended therapy results in more impactful therapy in the shorter term and fewer hours in therapy in the long term.

What does an intensive involve?

There is always the option for a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions and discuss the process! The typical intensive involves a set of longer sessions book-ended by 90 minute pre and post sessions. A sample looks like: 1)  90 minute pre-intensive session to review the goals, hopes and focus, as well as your support system, stressors, stuck points, and ways you cope currently 2) Intensive sessions; the number of sessions is based on goals and needs, we will review the options during assessment and consultation. Typically 2 or 3 hour sessions. 4) 90 minute post-intensive session to wrap up, discuss resources and integrate the information processed during the time in therapy

Does the intensive take place online?

I do offer intensives by video (zoom). This allows for flexibility in terms of scheduling, location and timing. There is an option for in-person intensives (in Cambridge MA). Reach out to me by email or schedule a consult call to discuss any questions

What is the cost, and will my insurance cover the cost?

Virtual sessions are $234/hour and In-Person Sessions are $266/hour. Regardless of insurance coverage, multi-hour sessions require out-of-pocket payment; HSA and flexible spending are accepted. The minimum recommended intensive commitment includes 9 contact hours ($2106 for virtual; $2,394 for in-person)

What are the next steps if I'm interested?

I offer intensives for existing weekly clients, or those who are seeking the sole experience of an intensive. You can book a free consult call at the link below if you are a new inquiring client. You can reach out by email, or through the 'contact me' page with any questions. Booking the pre-session involves two steps 1) Letting me know your interest and completing the consent and assessment forms digitally through my secure EHR system (Simple practice) 2) Signing up for a time for a first session, I will send you a link to select a time and date through the online scheduler, which is where you can book future 90 minute, 2 hour and 3 hour sessions

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