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Burnout: Take the Edge Off 

Intro to Self-Compassion 4-Week Group

This group is a launch pad for getting clear on the how and why behind burnout

There will be 4 group meetings, each 1.5 hours: with teaching, group reflection, optional breakout groups, and Q&A

This is a group setting to learn, reflect, practice what is being taught, and ask questions. 

Add tools (to your self-care toolkit) through learning about Self-Compassion with myself and fellow therapist, Kalonya Jones, as we bring our skills and knowledge as an Internal Family Systems Certified therapist and trauma-informed therapist to support you taking steps to care for burnout

  1. Introduction & Understanding Burnout: Naming and Acknowledging (Meeting 1: Thursday October 26, 2023)

  2. Practicing the 3 Components of Self-Compassion (Meeting 2: Thursday November 2, 2023)

  3. Setting Boundaries: Self-Compassion in Action (Meeting 3: Thursday November 9, 2023)

  4. Bringing it all Together: Nurture Your Self and Create a Personal Plan (Meeting 4: Thursday November 16, 2023)

Practice Kindness with Yourself 
20 Minute Intro to Self-Compassion

Do you have a hard time being kind to yourself? Are you struggling to figure out 'what to do' during difficult moments? In this 20 minute webinar, you'll learn the basics on self-compassion and how to plant seeds for making friends with yourself. This offering is $11. Click here to access the recording

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